What are your plans? these are mine

My personal goals;

It’s been 3-4 years since I really stood outside for longer than a few hours,
I’ve been kept up in my house for years doing nothing just watching tv, eating and gaining weight while taking invega which was sh#t,
now they’ve changed my medication and I’ve recovered from mental illness to about 95%
i’m off 5% because of depress and anxiety but I’m doing pretty well.

So my personal goals for 2016 summer here in australia and all year 2017 is to get outside.

I use to surf a lot as a kid, and bodyboard a lot.
I was fairly active up to the age of 20 and fit now i’m 24 and unfit.

My goals:

Buy a gopro4 hero.
And stay at the beach and swim and travel around filming sh#t in the water.
lose 20kg and get back on a board.

So from novemberish i’m going to be in the water again and hopefully after a year of doing this i’ll be down to 60-75kg again i’m also changing my diet from junk food and takeaway.
To steak, salad and fruit & veg only.

NOTHING ELSE no pizza, no takeaway no quick fix oven meals.
just healthy food, no energy drinks and only the occasional beer.

I’m also going to work on giving up smokes.

If I can get fit again maybe I can surf again and get some good footage instead of being kept up in a house just dwelling over being in the water watching youtube videos of people in the water having fun while I’ve become reclusive and just sit in the house like nothing matters.

if I can keep this up for a year I may go overseas to a destination and just film.

Who knows.

Best wishes to myself, posting this as a look back to see if I can do it instead of being kept up doing NOTHING! meaningful.
I’m also planning on growing long hair and a massive beard as a side challenge. :slight_smile:

I’m no longer going to let mental illness rob me of what I was or could have been, I’m not going to be that guy that in 20 years time just sat in his house with mental illness and never did nothing about it.
that’s no fun and it doesn’t look good.

Check back in a couple weeks I may show you my home break surf spot where I grew up as a kid in a video from a go pro or something!

What about you?

What are your goals and do you plan to get outside more or are after something new in 2017?
My new year starts early because its summer here, so perfect time to get outside in the sun.

p.s ocean sports help cure anxiety and depression in both men and women so maybe I can wipe part of that 5% away. :slight_smile:
Also conversations with people in person are starting to become very strange for me being reclusive and isolated for so long so i really need to do this.


Those are wonderful plans/goals, @rollies! You’ll be so much happier being outside in the sun. :sun_with_face: I wish you great success!

I was actually doing better about four years ago. My life was stable and I was in CBT therapy and improving. I was physically fit and feeling pretty good, even with sz.
I knew changes would be hard for me, but I had no idea how hard. I moved to a completely different area, away from family and friends, got a new job and got married three years ago. All seemingly positive things but the changes were difficult for me and I’ve declined in my overall health, both physically and mentally.
So, my goals are also to improve myself and my quality of life.

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You should be talk for yourself man.ap s side effects are personal it get different from people to people.i m on invega 75mg and invega is miracle drug for me.i have zero side effect.

I think good water is very healing.

To be in such beautiful nature n weather and just be indoors mostly is shame and it’s good practice n train to leave home and go out and start being active again.

I’m also Australian and have also had days n days were I won’t go outside and avoid doing so and feel limited to activity I can do.at moment.

I love a beard n long hair.:heart_eyes:.

I want to keep my current job but if I move get new one but if so only parttime .
I work three hours week now and have applied for pension.

I want to meet a partner /boyfriend n maybe marry but have long term serious relationship and live together.

I want to exercise regularly and get back to dancing n gym even if it’s other venues.

I want to read more and I want to open a shop on etsy and try sell in small quantity.

I want to do quiet a lot of things but realistickly for me as a person.

Good wishes for you on getting back out there.

What med did you change to that cleared you up so good?