What are your plans for today?

Today I woke up, took a shower and going to eat breakfast and drink coffee. My friend is going grocery shopping.


Trying to get stuff clean and other stuff put away


Yesterday I organized my closet. It is going to be warm here in the summer. Found a lot of hot weather clothing.


To hang out with my cat and then go see my boyfriend and his cats.


It’s nearly 18:30pm here now

My parents and I had a bbq in the garden as the weather is hot outside and it was nice to do that.

I think I may watch some netflix until sleep time

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I have to prep dinner in a few hours and thats about it really.

Right now Im just hanging out with my cats on the couch. I might watch a show soon.

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Take it easy and slow at work. The building I’m a janitor in is nearly empty because… well you know.

It’s one of these days I think my bosses are crazy because they gave me a day to do a task that doesn’t really need doing. I’m supposed to do all the trash but I made my rounds today and checked like 50 wastebaskets and there were barely any that really need emptying. Most were clean and empty.

I learned by now not to question the boss when this occasionally happens. If I ask any questions he might feel I’m challenging him and give me some real work so I just keep my mouth shut and enjoy the break and enjoy having a building practically to myself.


Just hanging out with my cat, praying, thinking about cleaning up. Going to practice piano and do yoga today. I will meditate too.

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I have drum lessons over the phone.

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Watching movies taking it slow n easy ---- right now it’s black mass the movie

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Change of plans, we’re ordering in tonight :yum:

Right now I’m waiting on my instructor to give me feedback on my assignment, she’s taking a long time though. I hope she gets to it today :yawning_face:

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Trying to work out if Corona is real,

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