What are your leftovers from sz?

i am still negative, i admit it but ive suffered from the people who knew that i am different. the thing when they can see that you re different because you have strange eyes or just the way of your attitude(strange)… will i have some leftovers? what are yours? yeah, it s a life long disease i think :confused:

I keep hearing that as we age… it starts to let go.

I think my current left over is dealing with the damage I did to others around me. Trying to get my self confidence back… trying to not let catastrophic thinking take over again and again.

I just have to keep my life level and work towards not relapsing.


thank you for the answer surprised. i think its the same here. plus that my sister told me once that i should proove myself… it sounds like for the ex junkies,wow… but i dont think that i have anything to proove,like you say,we should look more about selfconfidence and to get better socially,at least-this is for me…
kiss :slight_smile:

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You mean what’s hiding in that dreaded suitcase on my back?
I don’t even care to look.
I just tossed it out the virtual window,
and boy, does my back feel better already.

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