What are your hobbies

Mine are ww kayaking, shooting,hiking,Xbox and movies


graphic design, going to the movies, brunch, cocktails at bars :cocktail: shopping, cardio, swimming, makeup hmmmmm

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Reading and riding my horse.


Smoking cigarettes. I used to like math. I feel too stupid now.

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Anything on a tablet. I use the pc if I feel the need to broadcast myself on cam chat

Mindfulness, workouts, movies, good food.


Singing, writing and reading. I sound like a bore.


Not a bore, at all!

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I post a lot on, and help moderate, another forum. That takes up most of my time. I like to bake and read new scientific studies. I also like to ride my bike when the weather is nice enough.

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All about swimming… I also make jewelry

I surf when I can… I haven’t been in a while… but I also like camping.


Painting art, playing the banjo and guitar, cooking cajun food.

Reading and walking

I like to make jewery and quilt . I also like to swim

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Knitting using 1920’s patterns.

Basketball, reading, pool (the game)

It would have been drinking and smoking tobacco… driving around… that’s all changing… I’ve spent the last 48 hours in front of a computer screen tweaking and installing and reading and tweaking… chatting on here is a big part of my life… music is always playing.

Have a book I need to read, but I can’t bring myself to start…


Supernanny… And studying foreign languages if I can focus. My most recent language was Arabic.

Do you like German? I want to learn German some day.

@astefano. No I don’t like German. It was hard for me. I don’t get German conjugation. The conjugation of German was not like English or Spanish so it was hard for me to learn when usually languages pre-sz were easy for me. I do have a cousin on my mother’s side who speaks German and likes it.

You don’t sound boring! U sound normal!