What are your general knowledge?

you can find out what are your general knowledge from habits.
those are the knowledge that most people know, though with some differences.

mine are:
-i speak english, mandarin chinese, malay
-i write simplified chinese, malay, english
-i understand hiragana and simple japanese nouns
-i have malaysian driving license
-i drive car below 3000kg and ride motorbike below 150cc
-i know the driving direction around the KL city
-i understand windows, android and ios.
-i can type chinese characters using pinyin IME
-basic only
-i have been to almost entire malaysia
-i have been to singapore and australia
-i go to government hospitals in KL
-i familiar with social welfare for disability in malaysia

this topic more or less is for self-affirmation. yes, sort of we can do this, we can do that…


My general knowledge consists of a wealth of knowing that helps not what so ever when it comes to practical everyday living.

You must surely be very talented!


I mean that my knowledge proves worthless when it comes to practical things. I know a lot, it’s been said to be more than average, but I know little of practical application in life.

Umm… Knowledge and wisdom can protect us. It is good for you to have that essential knowledge. Practical application is another thing. I don’t think we will attempt to apply science & astronomy, oil & gas, food chemistry etc…in our daily life. So admit it, you do know a lot. :smiley: