What are your first names?

I am Pix-El of Krypton. I had been involuntarily committed to the Phantom Zone, but escaped due to my superior intellect and the fact that I absolutely rock a skin tight leotard.

No, really.



my name is also misspelled all the time bc there are two ways of spelling my name but i am not telling anyone what it is lol, you may refer to me as dreamer 'even though i get a bit fed up with that name a bit.

My first name is George, but I’ve always gone by my middle name, Tom. My middle name is Thomas. A lot of people are trying to call me “George”, which is something with which I have issues. One time I was walking past a couple of cops, and one of them says, “Hey, George”. I turned and yelled, “Tom! My name is Tom!” The cops pepper sprayed me, slammed me face first onto the ground, put their knees on the back of my head, and ground my face into the dirt after I had been pepper sprayed. It was very painful. I had a history with the cops, and they knew I hated to be called George.

@crimby I am so sorry that happened to you…you strike me as a really tough hombre from what you’ve said before and now. I think very highly of you.

My name is Brett


My name is Saadiqah. Before I turned Muslim my names were Stephanie Kay. I chose the name Saadiqah because it means ‘truthful woman’ and my mom said she admired my honesty. It also starts with an S like my old Christian name, which meant I didn’t have to change my signature much.

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Mine too! I go by Dave most of the time though.

Mine name Cleo. Nickname Clicks.

Matilde. But my friends call me Mini anyway


I have had many nicknames, one was Turbo during my university studies because I studied quite fast :smiley:

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I have no name…

:raised_hand: :eyes:

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I have some friends that called their cat No Name.

Michelle Mary
Mary is my mums name

James (also don’t like Jim @SurprisedJ)

my real name is karin but I changed it to karen in my passport. people call me both. I like your name David! very nice!!

I always like the name James, John, Jimmy any name with J really sounds good.

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my Mom is a J fan…
I’m James… my slightly younger brother is Jacob… middle brother Jack… youngest brother John. (She says were named after the J pod)

Dad and I named my sis… Riley.


Karen is a beautiful name. Sounds almost Slavic! : )

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Don’t bait the police.

My name is Martin. My alias is David. My literary name is “The Unnamable.”

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I like that name, like Brett Favre.

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