What are your favorite book topics?

I’m going to start writing so I wondered if what everyone’s favorite book genres were.

Mostly romance :blush: but I also like fantasy.

History, travel. memoirs, mystery, science.

Right now I am reading a book called Veronica Mars:An Original Mystery.

Pre ordered two Stephen King books from Amazon.

Mr Mercedes- Released June 2
Revival- Released November 12

Biographies and autobiography’s.Some people come from nothing but they end up living fabulous lives. Oprah started off very poor and got raped by a famiy member when she was young. And incidentally has struggled with her weight most of her life.

I like so many… I like pirate books, steampunk,

Nick Bantoc and Terry Pratchett are my favorite authors… Jasper Fforde is also a great one for me.


I mean nonfiction, autobiographies/memoirs and books about theories, Japanese manga (violent ones)

I am not reading any books any longer due to my eye problems, but I liked some math books.

My favorite are also non-fiction memoirs and fantasy/science fiction.

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