What are your fav foods

If money was not an issue,what foods do you guys perfer to eat?

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king crab legs, T-bone steak, sushi (sashimi) all paired with apple cider. tiramisu for dessert. yum

All zinc rich foods.Perhaps you are deficient in zinc and your body needs it. How about oysters?

Wheatgerm is rich in zinc.

If health were not an option as well: Steak, salmon, ribs, ginger ale, cherry limeade, chocolate sundae, strawberry shortcake, fried chicken, shrimp. steak fries, and my favorite creation potatoes fried with almonds, walnuts, onions, peppers, olives, and salt and I seem to remember pineapple went well with that too. Unfortunately weight gain as well as budget limits such creations.

Soup / Soup / Soup / & / Soup … ,

Ramen / Cup of Noodles / & / Mini chips … ,


Any Type Of Noodles With Organic Sauce … ,

Perhaps Some Peanut Butter and Ritz Crackers … ,

& Since We All Hungry All Tha T(Y)me Why Naught Some , Grilled Cheese Sammiches … ,

What Else (???) ,

I Guess e(Y)e’ll Get Back To Ya On Thaz One …,

Stay Tuned (!!!)

Money is rarely the issue. It’s more that making good food from scratch for just one person often seems like such a waste of time and ingredients. Making a single serving always leaves so much leftover produce that usually just ends up going bad. I hate food waste.

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This. The most expensive chocolates in the world. That’s why I wanna marry a millioner.

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e(Y)e Think You Really Could If You Met One … ,

but You Would Be Miserable … ,

Jus a Weirdo Opinion … ,

Jus Sayin …

Not necessarily :smile:

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Pshhh ,

You Carayzee … :sunglasses:

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I love all food. I love ribs and pizza. And pasta. And ice cream. Ice cream is my favourite food.

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Nachos supreme fried chicken chicken wings steak ice cream this Indian restaurant I get tandoori chicken real good…I like sandwiches a lot too

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Pasta and chicken fingers. I’m a simple guy.

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Cheese Grits, Gumbo, Chicken and Dumplings, and Cheese Grits.

Shrimp fried rice, spicy squid, sandwiches, mexican food, chicken and dumplings too. Lots of food…too much. Chicken fingers, fish sticks…my list goes on.

Lasagna, Tillapia, Pepperoni Pizza, Teriyaki Drumettes, Broccoli and Chicken with fried rice, Squash Casserole, Broccoli Casserole, Pecan pie, etc.

mezze plate…cupcakes…( with pink icing…and sprinkles ) :cake: served on a rainbow with my womble friends !?! :rainbow: …YIPPEE… :wink:
take care :alien:

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Hay “darksith” ,

How Old You Is Yo Yo (???)

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850…sith years… !?!
851 in january.
:smiley: :rainbow:
take care :alien:

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