What are your experiences with false memories?

i think I have had false memories that supported and intertwined with my delusions the last 2 times I was psychotic. What are your experiences with false memories?


I still have false memories they are a big part of my psychosis.

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I have some false memories. Probably more that I don’t even realize are false.

If I have any false memories, I’m not currently aware they’re false

If there is one thing … i have said a word instead of the word i wanted to say.

Is it a false memory if it happened in a parallel universe a billion lifetimes ago? Lol. It’s false in this realm but was true in another. How do you define falsity? I shouldn’t be remembering this crap.

@Alan96 You are an expert of false memories. :slight_smile:

Because I’ve had mainly auditory hallucinations most of my false memories amount to what people supposedly said to me. However I’ve had a few false visual memories as well.

Yeah I have a lot of false memories, all of these are spontaneous

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