What are you?

Your house cat never looked mangy. It looks like itโ€™s well cared for and loved. Our house cat Charlie is an awesome house cat. I know his butt like the back of my hand. :joy:


Delusional thinking Iโ€™m a divine entity trapped in a human body, pretending to be a llama on the internet.



What do you have against Skunks? We are a sovereign nation. Thank you.



I like to say Iโ€™m a squirrel, because Iโ€™m a twitchy little mess.

Iโ€™m the big cat

Cool and handsome and the heir to John Holmes throne. But it changes from minute to minute.

Hi honey. Get it? Bears love honey.

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Honey is really good.

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I am a phoenix! Rise back from the dead to try it all again.

Fried Rice and water. In a few minutes I will be a mazapan.






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