What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving

What things have you been thankful for in the past year? Every so often I stop to take inventory and realize how well off I am.


I have a roof over my head, food to eat, friends who stick by me, financial support from my family, and my dad’s general support. I’m not in a hospital. I’ve met some cool people on this site. My sister and I have become friends.

And I’m tenacious as ■■■■. I won’t quit until I get better and get a life to my satisfaction.

And despite everything else, I still have a really good brain.

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I am thankful for everything but mainly to my parents as without them I would have nothing.


I am thankful that now since eating turkey I am surely promised a good nap.


I’m thankful for family, pets, finances, my car still runs, and that I found my passion in life.


Didn’t catch covid yet, and got booster.
Today tested negative, bacterial infection, got meds,and rewarded my self with three Mars bars.
Yes my roof over my head, and collection of jazz.

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My family1555555555


Family, food, pets, home, money, car, and computer


Thankful for no voices, my mother and sister getting the vaccine (cathy getting the pfizer in march 2020) and john wal taking the land

A job I actually like.
A car
My apartment
Enough food
Couple of friends
My girlfriend
Broke my drinking habit

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I am thankful that my social phobia is getting better.

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I am thankful for my family and a place to live. Thankful for the people at my college, they have been very helpful. Thankful for the friends I have made here.


Thanksgiving was last month for us Canucks. I’m thankful that I don’t have to see my wife’s parents again for while. Blech.

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Congrats on the drinking thing :sake:. I go round and round with alcohol every year, thankfully this year has been a winner. Have an awesome day!