What are you rocking on

Any young people starting your own bands


The only thing I can play well is a CD…

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I don’t know if I’d consider it “rocking” but I am currently practicing “Amazing Grace” and “When the Saints go Marching in” segments along with other lessons that are not really recognizable songs.

Please excuse my hesitancy in playing, just posted first run through of song:

Any excuse to share some practice :stuck_out_tongue: . I cant wait until I am able to play full fledged, more popular songs that I can share.

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Im in a power electronics band. I scream obscenities into a microphone and my bandmates make noises with electronic devices.

I love this song. Both versions.

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Man, you are on a bullet train to ROCKTOWN :guitar::metal:!! Amazing Grace and Saints go Marching In, man you’re just cruising along. I salute your hard work and dedication. :fist:

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Thanks man. Doesnt feel like a bullet train. Feels slow as hell. Cant wait to move on to some full fledged more popular rock music.

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I bought a fifty dollar portable record player, like the one you probably had as a kid. I need some records though. My brother says he’ll send me some. My old records are long gone. I currently own three Ry Cooder albums. I own a lot of CDs and an everlasting portable Sony CD walkman. Sony is the only brand I’ll buy when it comes to a portable CD player because they never skip even while moving.

I would be happier with someone to jam with. I’ve never had that experience. I’ve only been playing popular music for a couple of years, I was a bad classical guitarist all my life. I still play the classic stuff sometimes, it’s great to have musical knowledge and be able to read music.

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