What Are YOU In Thus Life?


I Am Humble, And Meek.

I Am A Poet, Philosopher, Photographer, Musician And I Can’t Even Speak.

Without Sounding Empty And Weak.

Someone…, Please…,

Hug Me. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (0.1) (0.2) <—It Matters To Be Free—> (0.3) (0.4)


hugs for you @ATARI
you don’t sound empty and weak to me in your posts…

S’all Good!.

Your Post Has Lifted My Spirit’s!.

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What About YOU And Your Insightful Posts?.

What Keeps You On Track, Your Awe Inspiring Strength’s (???).


I’m a homeschool mom. Not really exciting. And the kid I homeschool (only 1 of my 2) is 14 and is mostly independent. I’m unsure if I’m well enough to work or not. I may be finding out soon. I do tutor two other kids. I may try to tutor kids in the fall for a job.

I know a job isn’t “who you are” necessarily. But, I suppose who I am is a teacher. I never ever ever thought I would be. I disliked most of my teachers because I felt they misunderstood me. I guess I didn’t think it was possible for a teacher to really see their students. But, I suppose that’s what drives me to be better. To be a teacher that does see their students.

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Thanx!, 4 Da Hug!.

Felt Great!.

But!, Seriously…, One Of The Greatest Asset’s A Teacher Has, Is, (As You Say), Seeing Them!. Their Truth, Their Strength’s, Their Promise, Their Value, And Honest Hope.

Education In My Area Didn’t Work For Me.

My Teachers Either Didn’t Care, or Hated Me. Or Oblivious To All Of The Students. . .

I Have A Safe Bet You Are Great To Your Kid’s (!!!). :slight_smile:

@ATARI , all my teachers were the same as yours! They either didn’t care or hated me.


Yea, It Seemed My Imagination Was A Threat To Their Lack Of Intelligence Or Something. . .

And We Suffer For Their Weaknesses. . . . . . .

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And I have no idea why teachers didn’t like me. Maybe they thought I was an ugly kid.


That Would Be An Atrocious Reality!. Maybe They Jus Couldn’t Handle Your Star Heart!.

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I feel I could have contributed much more, if people weren’t so oppressive. I try not to have a negative impact on others, but people interfering in my life, think oppressing people, they lie about, is a positive contribution to society.

Just a spec of dust

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I am a lot of things, but wouldn’t die for it. I try a new approach of just be. Its difficult cause i got a superego and my ego gets fed every day, in the good days as in the bad. Sometimes i wish i could dissolve into nothingness. Anyways, i will pass into the realm of nonexistence soon enough.

It don’t matter. I will persevere though. A son, a brother, a worker and someone who tries to be just good in general. A star of stage and screen. I was pretty good in “On the Waterfront” though my critics said the performance was not my best.

Evil. And I’m ok with it now. I had a problem with it at first but I got used to being told that by voices and the deadbeat father who I no longer speak to telling me I’m possessed.

A piece of trash


I Am Sensing With My Superhuman Intensely Individualistic Senses, Many Of You Have Been Hurt.

By Someone, A Group Of People, Or Something.

I Have Learned The Best Approach To Bruises, Some Seemingly Unable To Be Healed Is. . .

To Get Much Needed Rest. Physically, & Spiritually. Look Around, Give Thanks To What You Have. . .

Slow Down. Refocus. Regroup. Find The Center Of Your Calm. And Nourish That Love In Your Heart.

Walking Away From Pain Is Never Easy. Redemption Is A Promise From The Sky.

Look Up!.

And Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Why. To Realize. The Answer. Is In. . .

The Colours Of Your Eye’s.

P.s. Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

Banners~ ‘Got It In You’. (Song/2019). Be Afraid Of Nothing But Yourself. 1o1/1o1/1o1

I’m a dreamer. I’m a student. I’m a health enthusiast.

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((((Friendly Internet Hug)))) :hugs:

Hope you’re feeling better.

I’m also a fighter. Woohoo. (comes under health enthusiast but still it deserves to be mentioned)

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