What are you having for dinner?


I’m having some tilapia fish with white rice and squid with clams


I was going to make meatloaf but the ground meat hadn’t defrosted all the way so I will make it tomorrow.

I went and got a Subway Italian BMT.


My ground turkey hadn’t thawed either. I put it in the microwave on defrost for 8 minutes. Then mushed it with my hands to break up the last frozen bits as i mushed the ingredients together. Sort of fun to feel it in my hands.

@Montezuma it turned out good. It was missing something. My husband said it was the turkey, because beef has flavor.


I just got my walmart package in the mail it had 2 of my favourites in it a few cans of four cheese ravioli I’m having one tonight for dinner and a bottle of cotton candy body spray to smell nice


Today i hardly ate anything i wasn’t hungry and i am fat anyway. Hoping for more days like these.:sunglasses:


I changed my mind, I’m having a chocolate slimfast smoothie with frozen bananas and blueberries


It had a rich purple color. I hope you dont smoke.


We went to In and Out Burger for lunch, I was crestfallen to find they don’t have bacon for their burgers. Tonight it’s a frozen TGI meal probably mozzarella sticks, unhealthy but all we got.


I do right now. I’m trying to decide to quit


I had chicken broth with small pasta shells :bowl_with_spoon:


Love in and out burger.


I had a hummus wrap. It kinda tasted like a burrito. LOL. It was pretty good though.


I’m having hobo dinner again. Unless my dad picks me up something from the China buffet.


I made some smoked bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, and grilled some burgers. Both turned out well


Spaghetti and garlic toast today. Tomorrow likely farmer sausage and rice and corn.


We need another food poll!!!


Beef and cheese burritos. Went grocery shopping today.


Asparagus, egg and ham casserole. Meatloaf. Cornbread. Dessert are Snickerdoodle cookies. Breakfast tomorrow is banana :banana: bread.


Chicken on the way tonight. My mom and me always order in on fridays


I had chili tonight. :rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2: