What are you having for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Pics please (if possible)

Thankyou @A_B_C . Sounds delicious.

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I just had leftovers from yesterday.

I ate pretty early so I hope I won’t go for a midnight snack,

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hope I have something good.
Phil made me a BLT last night.
haven’t had bacon in a long time.

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This looks mighty good @SacredNeigh7 !

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Thank you skinny me.

Last night I forgot to take a photo but I had satay tofu with rice from Thai restaurant at lunch time only $10 and save it for special treat dinner n heat in microwave.


Had 2 sausages in tortillas and 4 maple syrup waffles.

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I’m starting a ketogenic diet. I have fish with fennel and tomato tonight.

I’m having speghetti for lunch.

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