What are you eating for Memorial Day?

Going to cook some chicken wings on the grill with teriyaki sauce.


In my mind. have baked beans, potato salad and ham knot holes + and chocolate cake.

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Burger, hotdogs, potato salad, baked beans. And an raspberry pie.


I think I am going to grill hot dogs and bratwurst.

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The farmers market store down the street has a few sales I am going to take advantage of tomorrow. 2 lbs of strawberry’s for $1.98! I don’t know about other areas but $1.98 is ridiculously cheap, the cheapest I’ve ever seen it. I’ve been reading up on freezing fruits and vegetables and I’m going to freeze the strawberries and some bell peppers that are cheap too.

I’m having no special dinner so far. I just plan on using up some homemade chili, carrot salad and also have 2 chicken quarters to top it off.

It will probably be burgers cooked on a charcoal grill.

Nothing. But I’m in Canada so I’m not celebrating.

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Same, Ontario for me

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Going to grill some boneless pork chops.rpbably mashed potatoes and a side veggie

Taco salad tonight

I blew my money on a Asian American buffet because I’m an idiot and my eyes are bigger than my stomach

Gonna grill some hot dogs tonight, yum!

I smoked then roasted a tri tip. It turned out pretty good

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