What are you drinking now

I have 1.5 litre Rainbow Cola light … I am feeling quite good …


an ‘energy’ Vitamin Water. It’s Tropical Citrus flavor

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Coca cola from a bottle that I’ve been nursing for the past six hours.


Hi mj how are u right now …have u bought a new bicycle…

Just about to have hot chocolate

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Well, it is Sunday I am quite well, yesterday was a nice day, I took 55 pictures, today is cloudy (0 C) and days are getting longer, spring and summer is coming, have not purchased a bike yet, no hurry, it is quite well here …


I’ve just had Pepsi Max with my lunch.


I just drank a glass of vegetable juice and a glass of apple juice and a bunch of 1% milk to go with my breakfast. I’ve got a full belly, and all is right with the world.


I’m drinking black coffee in one cup and plain water in another. I never drink my calories.

I’m dieting so my choices are limited. I was drinking clear American flavored waters from walmart. But I got tired of that,now I’m drinking diet pepsi. Just for the caffeine.

I’m down to ice in my glass of ice water. I should get up and refill.

I’m drinking fresh, hot, black decaf coffee. Yummmm!

All diet pop make you fat. All soda pop makes you fat. Period. This is proven.

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Just some tap water put through a Brita filter, mostly what I drink. I may have a glass of V8 shortly.

Water. Might have a bud light lime later.

Nice glass of ice tea.

Drinking water.

I’m drinking not blood because I’m not part-vampire.

where’s nearest blood bank?

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