What are you dreaming?

Do you have vision?..

My greatest dream is to send my children off into this world as happy, healthy, kind and loving individuals. I also dream of growing old hand in hand with my wonderful husband.

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I dreamt I was in a game and I would build housing for my residents who would then go out and do jobs. Could be safe jobs or dangerous jobs. They would buy what they needed with money they earned and also based on their personality. It was kind of like the sims but more 3D mmo graphics. Also I could help them and visa versa.

Coolest part was when they started going automous and I looked in the bedroom and it was all furnished. I was like, how you’d do that?

Damn I want to play this game

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Two different types of dream in this thread! Ha!

My dream for the future is to enjoy my job and help people while doing so, live comfortably off the money I make, have many pets, write at least one book and learn very well more languages than just English.

My dreams last night were weird. One was a typical anxiety dream, we moved into our new house only to find it was incredibly inconvenient for example we had to climb to the second floor bc there were no stairs. The other one involved our math class having to do a project about black oppression in the US?! And then no one did the project so everyone was improv’ing it! Lol what??

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I dreamed this night very cool dream, it was like alice in wonderland :slight_smile: