What are you doing this Sunday

I attended a class with like forty people, and I got through it.

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I am just trying to stay awake until evening.


Did you not sleep last night?

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No, I did not. I slept into the afternoon the day before so I am trying to reset my sleeping schedule.

oh ok, I know how that is.

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Some forms… Need to fill it out.

And idk.

Just I guess sleep.

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I’m going to do the dishes I guess at some point, sigh. And I think I’ll do some crafts in a bit. I’m going to cut up veggies to make veggie trays and make ranch dressing. That’s about it.

am smoking atm


Today was baby qwertles christening. We aren’t religious (and I know I can mock God) but it’s a tradition.

It was a lovely day. He wore a suit and tie. And the service was lovely. I am greatful for family


Going to a NAMI support group meeting. And biking, probably.

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It’s my brothers birthday today.

Our family tradition is that on everyone’s birthday the birthday person chooses where they want to eat and we order in food. Today we are ordering from St.Louis Bar and Grill. It’s a chain of sports bars across Canada, I don’t think they are in other countries but I could be wrong about that. I’m having medium wings (I love their medium sauce!), my parents are having honey garlic wings and my brother is having an Angus cheeseburger. We are all having fries on the side with garlic dip. My parents ordered a ceaser salad and deep fried pickles as well.

Then we have ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for dessert. He wanted his cake made out of Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream.

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I’m doing accounting, on a tea break :open_mouth:

Watching football all day, the team I root for won (Browns). Watching football on Sunday afternoons is one of the highlights of my week

Scrubbed out the basement, took the air conditioners out of the windows and put them in storage. put my kayak and some of our yard furniture in storage, too. Made two batches of ice cream: Strawberry rhubarb and also chocolate swirled mocha espresso. The sirloin tip roast I was too lazy to cook yesterday is in the oven. Hit the dollar store for some sundries.

Gonna go play Oculus for a bit.

I just finished eating 3lbs of wings plus fries. I’m stuffed! :chicken:

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