What are you doing this Friday night

Also I have to trap some feral barn cats soon. That’s not gonna be fun.

sounds scary.!.!.!.!

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Yes, you just don’t feel alone.

have you ever considered being schizo is paranormal?

Do you do TNR? 1515

Yes, I have. Makes sense with the types of paranoia and delusions folks have.

Seinfeld reruns a and might play sum call of duty

What’s that?? @

Sounds like a plan! Love Seinfeld.

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Trap neuter release for feral cats. What happens after you trap them?

Oh, I’m giving them to a friend out in the country. He’s also taking my mom’s cat. I can’t keep him where I’m staying. Three all toghther. They’ll be taken good care of.

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Nothing special for me. As long as the sun is out, I figure I’ll watch some kids play video games on Twitch.tv. Castlevania IV speedrunner + an MGSV gamer.

Once it’s dark out, I’m just gonna relax and try and listen to the crickets tonight.

Good for you! No fun, but it sounds like you have a good home lined up.

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Well, we seem like a social bunch, don’t we?

But seriously, I think everyone chilling out and watching TV sounds like a winner.

Anyone exercise today? I went on a 1.5 mile walk and ran part of the way. Then I went to subway and the lady was a n00b and put together the sandwich wrong.

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My social life died after not talking meds and acting out but at the same time what’s out there but the usual binge drinking and drugs

Id wonder what a party would be like if everybody there had sz lol

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I’ve been up for 30 hours straight. I just finished working 8 hours with a bad back. Time to sleep.

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I thought about walking to the shore & back, but my brain was too hampered by pain & dullness to get out of bed.

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I’ve been to a couple. The same girl, with large breasts, tried to get me to dance at both of them. I refused. Stupid me.