What are you doing this Friday night

Do you have any great plans?

Nope. Plan on going to bed early.


yep, going over to my step brother’s house with a case of beer…haven’t bonded with him in a long time and looking forward to it…gonna’ spend the night.

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Im gonna throw my weights through the window

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So strong… :heart_eyes:

got a bottle of wine

gonna make some music cuz i find it fun

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I’m going to work :moneybag: and be annoying on my phone :iphone:

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That sounds like fun! Don’t get too crazy :wink:

I’ve got a case of rolling rock. I should dust the Dean off and play her. I want to learn some time traditional Appalachian murder ballads like doc watson’s “matty groves” :wink:


No im just so pissed off at being taken advantage of.

I’m gonna not drink tonight since I had a lot of vodka last night. I will take tonight easy.

Understandable. Just don’t break anything :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good plan. It feels good on the body to take a break from the sauce.

Is it really drinking by yourself when you have SZ.com???

Honest question


Going to watch Netflix tonight

That’s the best plan!

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I like the new userpic, Wave!


Thanks @Rhubot! :smile:

Had riotous fun doing laundry and dishes, now going to veg out with Hulu tonight. (Don’t have cable)


Right now I’m enjoying rolling rock on the back porch, being attacked by mosquitos and soon I’ll go in to watch the paranormal ghost documentary “A Haunting” :stuck_out_tongue:

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