What are you doing this Christmas?

Hey peeps, Hows it going, Iwas just wondering what you’re all doing for Christmas,

Over here the festivities are starting already, my clubhouse had a Concert a few days ago with a 25-piece Orchestra, yesterday we all celebrated our achievements and then after we had cake and sand Christa,as songs with another member playing guitar.

We had our famous ChristMas lights switch on and there were reindeer and Singers and elves, I am taking my Neighbour to a Christmas Festival today as wekll, Lots happening,

My radio show is A lot more Christmass orientated as well and i try and point out the true menaing of Christmas and i wrote a few christmass messages on facebook as well in the community group,

my chursh has lots of things on for Advent including Carols by Candle light & andother church has a Christmass tree festival where 15 different charities decorate trees,

I bought a few gifts for my family and friends as well, I got my sis a makeup bag and my neighbour an insence burner from the ethical goods shiop. My pal Jim and his family have given me something as well, I’m also waiting on cards comming from the charity shop with traditional Chrisymas picture on them :slight_smile:


And again, pulling in the religion.

I could ask some pointed questions and do some education about the origins of the holiday,but it isn’t appropriate. Neithwr is your statement.