What are you doing during the quarentine period?

My father business isn’t open and I am stuck in my wife’s hometown so I don’t have any work.

I workout,eat and sleep mostly.What are you doing during this period of the time where most people are in quarentine?

Reading, writing, binging old TV shows, talking on the forum. Playing some of the newer video games. Mostly what I did before quarantine except I don’t go for walks or eat in at fast food restaurants anymore. I get disability checks via direct deposit so I haven’t lost any income.

I just want the virus to end so I can stop hearing about it on every single commercial that airs. It’s really stressing me out majorly, so much so that I’m focusing on ad-free television options like Amazon Prime and Netflix.


Exercising and doing better with that. Trying to add watching a movie and something different to my days. I’m getting there. Have a few hobby things on the go and been painting some plastic kits I’ve built. Still so many to go but I’m improving…

I’m trying to do one positive thing a day at least. That means something different in exercise or hobby or leisure like watching a series or movie…I’m big on improving at the moment…otherwise it’s all the same and I miss family and friends and catching up. Already missed my nieces first birthday and other family things. Missed the friends catch up on this months wed adventure club.


I’m guessing you can’t play cricket at the moment? I hope you’re still finding ways to exercise :slight_smile:


Yeah cricket is bust. Can’t even go to my volunteer job. Just nothing to do as the old boy is keeping the mowing at the club going.

Exercise is going well. I’m jogging 2.5 to over 3 km’s a day. Doing all the good things. I’m fitter than I was in my 30’s so Impressed by that.

Hope your exercising too…


Spend a lot of time on here

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I’m really getting into Pokémon. Can’t do any warhammer at the moment cause we can’t order anything they aren’t delivering.

Just getting into some gardening too…growing my own veggies.

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My sleep schedule has been all messed up bc of my boyfriends house renovations. It gives me anxiety to be at his house w a bunch of strange men around working on it when he’s not there so I feel the need to leave before they arrive, and they come quite early so I just leave when my boyfriend does at 6 am. But the whole process stresses me out and my fast makes me hungry which keeps me up as well and a lot of nights I just end up not sleeping at all. I play videogames until I can finally eat then pass out until my boyfriend gets home from work. We play more videogames and then the cycle repeats itself.

I’m not a big fan of the no sleep thing or the renovations. (House renovations have always stressed me out, the last time we had them done at my house I had a major depressive episode and was suicidal-I am handling this considerably better). But I like the relaxing during the day and doing what I want. Unfortunately that is about to come to an end as I have to start studying for the nclex and looking for jobs.

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I am working from home. Could be worse.

I think most of us doing the same things as before quarantine. At least me. If I go outside I have to wear a mask and I can’t find any other difference

We have no quarantine here where I am. Many shops are open, all grocery stores are open, nobody is wearing any masks, the situation is quite normal here.

I finally sold my hookah (yay!) :upside_down_face:
So with my 60 big smackers I’m raiding the 5 dollar movie bin at Walmart …

One thing I hate doing is my clozapine blood work, that can wait until tomorrow…

Reading, writing poetry, exercising, watching shows on Netflix, and cooking new recipes.

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