What are you currently stuying/studied?

I not talked with you about IBM. What you said gave people negative reviews about information technology companies.
It still a good choice. Especially for people who like learning.
You are PM. Why don’t you ask management why they choose offshore?

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information technology, computer engineering, is a poor choice of careers in the united states. it was a good choice in the 1990s, but not anymore.

I have a BA in political science and an MBA in international business I got before I was sick. Now I am studying aircraft mechanics.


@Valarie could you volunteer for the red cross? I just finished nursing school and am trying to tackle the nclex-rn.

Anything in health care is good for job stability

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My grand dad was a chemical engineer for merk and helped develop penicillin in mass quantity. He was a graduate of Rensauller Polytech.


Poli-sci? Sounds a like a spy that got the shaft to me you.

Oh cool! My uncle is a chemical engineer too :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a degree in software engineering and 6.5 years of full-time employment behind me. My career ended abruptly when my illness popped out of nowhere 2 years ago.


His name was Joseph McGroarty, renssauler polytechnic graduate. Worked for merck medicine.

I’m about to study asteroid mining and go big time and find the special metals we need to find our way out in the cosmos. I hope you guys get the best info in making the enemy neutral or completely passive and friendly to you-this is of upmost importance. I hope you keep and edge even if you lose sleep, it’s important to stay incontrol-

Wishing you the best!

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I’ve studied marketing and graphic design


the only place to find a computer job is at a hospital these days, so perhaps you’re in healthcare.

here’s an article, thousands have been laid off, nobody seems to know. starting all the way back to 2012, I can go on about this forever, makes me angry

high tech layoffs in the united states at IBM

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@NiceHat I would caution you against making broad sweeping generalizations about tech sector jobs in the U.S. As with most such generalizations, they are typically not accurate.

IBM is not a company to benchmark against. They’ve been having some difficulties for some time.

I don’t know the situation in the US, but in Romania IBM is hiring at a constant pace: junior programmers, senior programmers, business analysts…maybe it’s because costs are lower here, it has externalized its production to other countries than USA ? I don’t know for sure.


I know someone who’s worked for years at IBM in the US and they complain of crummy or no raises and the frequent threat of layoffs. Because of this, they also apparently have trouble competing for the best US graduates when they are looking for new talent.


I studied clinical psychology. Finished two out of six years.


it true, terrible working conditions, since Y2K, 1999 IBM restructured. no jobs at IBM, it’s also true of other high tech companies. information technology is not a stable industry to work in anymore.

Not so in my experience, at least not in Northern California.

I agree with you about IBM. However, I disagree with extrapolating that data point carte blanche to other high tech companies in the US.

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I used to work there in the '90s. Hewlett-Packard. same thing happened to them, they lay off employees for the same reasons as IBM, cheaper labor off shore.

How old are you?

At the midcentury mark give or take a few years.

HP is another tech company that hasn’t been doing very well. Another friend was working at HP and moved on to greener pastures years ago.

TBH, I think excessive offshoring is a sign of a tech company that’s not doing well. What these companies don’t realize is that going for less expensive labor costs overseas is not going to make up for having products that are failing.

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