What are you buying for yourself on Black Friday or Christmas?

I think that my Christmas will be quite quiet. I have no plans to buy anything for myself. It was a heavy snow storm in this morning. People are wondering if this snow stays and does not melt as it has happened often. There are a lot of Black Friday ads in the newspapers and on the net. I wish everybody will have a nice Christmas.

Im buying two pairs of boots, one is 78 euro the orher is 135

I decided to get black leather shoe polish for Black Friday, rather than new boots. They’re still in good condition, and I like them, it’s just that the leather is a little worn. No reason to get rid of them.

Might buy a cute dress I saw on Amazon, still.

Flirting with the idea of buying a new iPhone

My Black Friday deal Xmas gift to myself is coming today. I’m mashing the tracking button.

I just picked up a couple candles.

I love candles for the holidays. I have some nice scented ones to cozy up.

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Me, too. I got peppermint and some Christmas mix.

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