What are three things you like most about having SZ?

SZ is soooooo bad, that I wonder if you would reply by demonstrating what can be enjoyed?


I became more flexible, down-to earth persona. More friendly and good one.
Because I’ve been through too much ■■■■■■■■ during my psychosis to be who I was.

I simply way more understand other people, their struggles and mostly mental health problems.

But it happened not mainly because of SZ… rather because I lost almost all of my friends, became “outsider” in some eyes and actually, not so interesting person to most people as I was before. SZ made me realise how many fake friends I had. Also, I started seeing my family in different colors. I even could say I became wiser…

  • not so naive and selfish

But illness by itself is very ugly. Losses I have are bigger than I wrote :arrow_up:

Nothing good about it, ruins everything.


Absolutely nothing good about it. It’s a mental ILLNESS that has destroyed a lot of my life. Nothing good.

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Comradery with others with SZ

Ice Cream and Cake

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Im more compassionate, understanding and knowledgable.

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I stopped alcohol which could have taken my life.
I am still alive to make a change in self.

I experienced cool tactile hallucinations.

I have an excuse to get out of relationships that sounds nice.

I get some concessionaries

Yay yay go psychosis

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I get to do nothing all day

I can go on this forum

I can take calming meds


It’s a very manageable illness. I am able to have a good life in spite of it. It is not a terminal illness.


schizophrenics are often in touch with their intuition i think. They say when somone loses their sight they gain a greater sense of hearing etc to compensate. i think its the same with SZ. I think our intellect can be damaged so we learn to live by intuition rather than intellect. Its a beautiful thing.


I get to do what I want since I don’t work.

I get to live a pretty simple life.

Very little responsibilities.

That’s about it. There are a lot of good things I’ve lost, but if I was going to focus on the positives it’s about how I’m able to happily and easily manage my life.

People often tell me my intuition is wrong then with time I quite often see my intuition thought was correct.

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I get to be a part of this crazy ass website.


That a lot of it can be remedied with medication.

That I feel like I am permanently on a limited budget vacation from work.
*Though if I didn’t have it I would probably want to work because lets face it: it’s two weeks pay (when I was working) for every month off.

That I get to spend time with my dog. I feel bad leaving her here alone all day.


I also thought of this… my intuition is better than before illness.
Indeed, it’s beautiful

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escaping the matrix

not fitting in



I’m kind, compassionate, and turn the other cheek a ton.

Still I worry about being killed in a religious type of thing.

Don’t want to get into it, it’s just that 2000 years is such a round number.

@voithos sorry but on here I think I just want to be understood and this is my paranoia


I wouldnt say i like anything about my illness but it has led me down some good paths as i work through the hardships of it.

Despite my diagnosis i have accomplished a lot and this has has led me to a number of positive outcomes in my life.

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Maybe the one good thing is I now appreciate my deceased mom better and all the sh#t she went through… I got a good med and so far didn’t have to do insulin shock and ice baths and ECT…