What Are The Thoughts That They Encourage You When You Don't Have Motivation?

From my experience, I don’t have motivation.
When I was young I had prospect of doing a lot of things how to visit many places and countries, to finish my course, to have a lot of sexual experiences, etc. However, nowadays I don’t feel motivation to do anything. Ok, I know that I am not a young, I am 47 so I would like to know what prospect I can form in my mind, it must be realist (Shania Twain don’t interest in me) and It must take into account my illness; However, I have not achieved this yet.

Can you share with me if you have had this experience and how you face it?
Can you tell me your age? (This is for having a reference with your answer)

Thanks for your help.

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I remind myself that I am young (20 as of today) and that I only have one life.


I’m 29. I’m just now getting my life on track. I didn’t have any master plan to make my life better. In fact, it got better when I stopped focusing on my life.

My kid sis is 17 and spent nearly her entire teen years waiting on me, cleaning up after me, cooking for me.

I started to get a little bit better and really see how much she worked at being an adult and how I felt like the kid and I didn’t want that anymore.

My whole “want”… was to get better and give my sis some time to be a 17-year-old person in her own right. As soon as I did that, my life started happening.

That is when I started getting motivated to be better and heal. As the healing happened, I got my better job. With the better job, I could afford school. While I was working and going to school, I was helping my sister and then I ended up with a new friend and then a girl friend.

My life sort of got better as I was trying to make my kid sister’s life better. Odd how that worked out. Having my sis be happy was my only motivation for all this.


There is always tomorrow. That’s what I tell myself when I get all unmotivated and that icky “I don’t WANNA” do that feeling. Once the pressure is off, it tends to motivate me to start something if I then tell myself to “just do one baby step in the task” I’m 49 years old, and have had a lot of problems with motivation throughout my life.


I struggle with lack of motivation, too. They say to me to take things one day at a time, and when I do that, it doesn’t seem so bad. I’m 30 years old.


i tell myself one step at a time even if they are baby steps it’ll be better than the way it is now with no movement.

maybe this helps you. I hope so.


edit : whoops I forgot. I am in my 50’s


I sometimes remember the times when I was a kid and wanted to go home early from the slumber parties I attended. Now I try to remind myself to not get slumber partyitis when I feel unable to do something. I just try to flip through my mind to find a reason to be excited about the task at hand. I try to tackle my mood before the project.



I tell myself that if I don’t do something important to keep myself healthy, like get out of bed, or shower, or go to the gym. I remind myself that my symptoms will get worse and I will lose the happiness I have now.

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in my case clozapine 25mg and nortriptilin 3*10 mg helps alot, with this two med I have enough motivation to do what I want to do.

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I think it helps me to not to try to do perfect jobs on tasks and to also break things down into smaller tasks.

An example is that sometimes I procrastinate on cleaning the bathroom but if I just set the goal of doing the mirror or doing the faucet that usually gets me going well enough that I will do the rest of the bathroom.

I am working on a large photo collage for my mother in laws birthday. My plan for making it kind of developed after I started scanning in photos. I think sometimes it helps to figure out what the most trivial, easy step of a large project is and just get going on it. You just have to go through the motions whether you feel like it or not but it’s best to just hack away at the tiny bits first. It’s also important to give yourself some credit after you do something you didn’t really feel like doing.

I also started keeping a written journal of things I accomplish each day. Some days I am lucky if I pull off 2 or 3 tasks but some days I manage 10 or 20. It is mostly trivial stuff but every now and then I pull off something a bit bigger.

As far as big goals, by serendipity I met and married a wonderful and kind woman. She doesn’t look like a celebrity but she is attractive, very affectionate and she has great ethics. I dated more attractive women but they weren’t compatible with my illness, my finances or my family. A lot of big goals are often more of a group effort and getting married required a team effort from us and both of our families.

I am 46… I am not employed right now but have been married for 5 years and keep pretty busy doing stuff for my family.


Sitting around and waiting for motivation just doesn’t happen for me. I find I have to start doing something, especially when I don’t feel like it, then the motivation will follow.

I wouldn’t worry so much about your age either. I’m sure you could still do most of the things you mentioned in your post.

Don’t let others limit you - and don’t limit yourself - about what you can achieve.


I really feel appreciation for all comments; I take out very useful ideas that I will use for myself .
Thanks friends.