What are the plus and minus's of using a smartphone

is it too hard to use the internet on a smartphone…also any other positives or negatives of using a smartphone…im considering buying one

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Pros: Internet functions, camera functions, gaming functions.

Cons: The phone part as people actually expect you to communicate with them. Annoying.


Internet itself is like Ebola when it comes to your privacy and your personal data. Smartphones is an upgraded version to that.

Now you might say: "I’ve nothing to hide so let them spy on me"

Fine… Maybe you don’t care.

But I don’t think that’s a good outlook on it, since all your activity, your passwords, your emails, all your communications, the places you go, is stored on somebody’s servers forever.

Also your smartphone camera, and microphone can be hijacked by agencies without any warrant. Even you aren’t on any watchlist? I still don’t feel comfortable with it.

Take an example this forum. People with sufficient access rights (usually administrator/moderator) can read your private messages on this forum. How cool is that?

So imagine people on the other end can spy on you in similar manner, since I’ve mentioned already, you no longer own your information once it’s stored on whoever’s server.


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It’s super easy to use the internet on a smartphone. I barely ever use a computer anymore. You wont wanna be without one once you get it. You wonder how you survived without one for so long.


Plus - Your basically now a droid
Minus - To much focus on tech and spam, bots, spies, privacy, security, utilisation of our time?

Smart phones are great. I google stuff and watch YouTube and stuff on it. I don’t post on the forums much with it because I prefer a keyboard where I can type a couple hundred wpm as opposed to the smartphone keypad.

Yep. I was on a site where mods were crazy and read pms and joked about it in threads.

You get used to the smaller porn pretty quickly.

Sez you. My selfies are still clipped on a 10 inch tablet and it gets worse as the phones get smaller.


Smart phones are really good. You will not regret having one once you get used to it.

I barely use mine to talk to people. I just use the email, the discourse forum app and news WhatsApp etc.

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