What are the nice things people say about you?

I get told I’m cute ahaha dunno :stuck_out_tongue:


I get told by people who AREN’T tech savvy, that I AM tech savvy. Hey, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king!


Nice things…

Throughout my life I’ve been told I’m honest and funny. These are the 2 character traits of mine that I’m most proud of.

Bad things…

I’ve been told I can be a bit persnickety…and sometimes overly judgemental. Two areas I need to work on.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t compliments well. If anyone compliments me I immediately become paranoid they’re simply trying to use and manipulate me.

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I feel I get complimented too hard and heavily. Everyone tells me how great and such a success I’ll be but I don’t believe it.

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I get told I’m inspirational because of all the struggles I’ve had in my life. I don’t personally think it’s very inspirational. Bad things happened to me and I just reacted naturally. I like to think anyone would have made the same choices in my position.

I also get called hot a lot. That one I totally accept as true. If I could clone myself, my marriage would turn into a three-way.

I like your username

“You’re all right. I don’t care what everybody else says.”

Sounds like a backhanded compliment somewhat

Here’s a one upper

Crimby you are amazing!!! Period.

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I get told I’m very comforting to be around, due to my silent but observant nature. That I listen well, even though I have to ask what’s being said a few times…

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pretty, although id like to think that there is more to me than looks

“You got nice cursive handwriting.”

That’s like the only thing off the top of my head. Haven’t heard any compliments in a long time since having almost no interaction.

Thank you! … 15 15 15

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I’ve been told a lot that I have a nice smile. Probably because half the time my face is just blank.

People say I’m very intelligent, or that I’m an “old soul”.

But you know, whatever… :slight_smile:

Something about at least I’m biodegradable.

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Aw c’mon, pix. You’re one of the most original people on this board. Although I don’t always agree with you…

I was told I was the cutest physics major while in college. Only thing though is that a guy said it to me oh well.