What are the long term side effects of using anti-psychotics?

Like decrease in bone strength, constipation etc ?

What are all the things you face post your 45th birthday ?


Weight gain, metabolic issues like high blood sugar and high triglycerides are the main health concerns.

So are sexual side effects like ED from higher prolactin levels.


I’m 46. Clozapine increased my appetite and I gained about at least 100 pounds.


Tardive Diskynesia is a possibility.

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I think there is a bone strength side effect,
Dont know much about it though.

I’m 62 and have diabetes, emphysema, and a heart problem now. The diabetes probably was the Zyprexa, but I don’t know about the heart problem. It’s probably due to the smoking for 35 years though.

It’s a frightening thing to think about. Probably at higher risk of developing several diseases.

One of the main reasons I got into health supplements is because I have to take these drugs. Try to do what I can to counter the side-effects.

I’m at risk of getting osteoporosis because of high prolactin . Also no sex drive.

APs makes prone to diabetes II because it makes us insuline resistent. with age dopamine levels drop and with APs conjugated we can get tardive diskhinesia or even parkinsons. APs cause a QT interval prolongation on a ECG which after chronic use of APs can cause these:

  • Torsades de pointes (‘twisting of the points’). This is a life-threatening form of ventricular arrhythmia. Your heart’s two lower chambers (ventricles) beat fast and chaotically, making the waves on an ECG monitor look twisted. The heart pumps out less blood. The lack of blood to the brain causes you to faint suddenly and, often, without warning.If the episode lasts for a long time, fainting can be followed by a full-body seizure. If the dangerous rhythm does not correct itself, then a life-threatening arrhythmia called ventricular fibrillation follows.
  • Ventricular fibrillation. This condition causes the ventricles to beat so fast that your heart quivers and stops pumping blood. Unless your heart is shocked back into a normal rhythm by a defibrillator, ventricular fibrillation can lead to brain damage and sudden death.
  • Sudden death. It’s now known that long QT syndrome might explain some cases of sudden death in young people who otherwise appear healthy.
  • Unexplained fainting, drownings, seizures or other accident. Long QT syndrome might be responsible for some otherwise unexplained deaths in children and young adults.

There is also complications related to hyperprolactinemia like te facilitation of formation of plaques in arterias increasing the risk of artheriosclerosis. also osteophorosis.

I think this is it. there may be more to it. that is what i remember.

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