What are the first signs of SZ you all noticed?

I have jumped into the hallucinations, delusions, speech impairment, etc pretty quickly - but I still can’t say for sure that it is SZ. Other than the main symptoms of SZ, what else did you notice?

I was crumbling for a long time before I was diagnosed.

I hope you get to talk to someone before things progress too much…

Early help = early healing.

when I was a kid I had very solid looking imaginary friends. I heard voices and I was convinced I was getting messages from the universe.

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alienation. hating people.

I’m ashamed to admit this but I hallucinated doing violent things to people. As far as voices I’ve had that ever since I was little.

Caution! Schizophrenics crossing!
Yield to Schizophrenics.
Danger: Schizophrenics falling.
Parking in rear for schizophrenics only.
Loading zone for schizophrenics only.
Speeding limit: 55 mph. For schizophrenics: 40mph.

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There’s no special meaning.I just picked them from random.

I was hearing voices talking to me. And i was.seeing a person. Was so real for me. But for others not. This summer i got psychotic again. And i was talking with persons who were not real.

I thought people could see through the door of my dorm room at college. I was pretty angry about it. I was going downhill long before that, but that was the first time I was delusional and out of touch with reality.

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Social isolation. You don’t want to meet people and pick up calls.

Thought broadcasting

When I was 4 I started seeing dark creatures, I thought they were bats and spiders, up in the corners of rooms and crawling across the walls. I always felt different and didn’t relate well to peers. When I was 12-13 demons arrived to torment me.

Thanks for all the info guys. I think I share a lot of these things.

I noticed aliens trying to overrun our planet. No one else around me did. Didn’t think it was SZ.


Delusions of ill health - these thought were held with total conviction

First id say paranoia, then i started believing others can read my mind and then silent voices or rather whispers.

The paranoia then the delusions.

I got ill when I was young and for a very long time I didn’t realize anything was wrong. I couldn’t say what the first signs were, I sure didn’t see any.

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Talking to myself and hearing voices. Also paranoid thoughts. And visual hallucinations.

Isolation starting in High school which led to hearing voices. About a year ago a perpetuated SZ with staring at the sun for a couple days I can make it worse for myself by looking at lights even more than I did.