What are the chances?

So yeah heres a little story. I don’t where to put it. But I want to share it. So me and my friend decided to have a running race and my mobile phone was in my back pocket. We ran and my phone came out of my pocket and hit the ground the back cover came off, then the battery came out. They then rolled in the air, hit the ground, bounced, then my battery went back into my phone then my back cover went back onto my phone and I turned my phone on again. The funny thing is when I looked at my phone I noticed it was one of those cheap ones where the back cover can’t come off. Anyway fast foward a few days and in the weekend I had a sim card that I wanted to put in a phone I looked at the same phone and the back cover and battery were able to come off and I was able to change my sim card.


Lol… :o)

Just like my iPhone :unamused:

I don’t understand. Are we talking magic here? Because what you describe sounds like it goes against the laws of physics for the universe.

Miracles happen everyday, you can thank the cell phone gods

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