What are the best things about having sz?

Insight into myself, the meaning of substance in relationships, thriving to be a better person to myself and others, responsability over my life (recovery), working on my issues and trying to overcome my shortcomings, being humble about them too.


Humility is really important. I feel like I’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go. Arrogance is one of my biggest pet peeves about people especially when it puts others down. :sunny:


I met you didn’t I!

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I have a hard time seeing anything good about it.

I wasn’t aware that there was anything that could be considered “The Best” about it.

Humility is the No. 1

This illness leapt on the merry-go-round of my life when I was young, and it has been there ever since. sz tries to drives your life and that is the hardest part. You fight it like crazy like you would with any other illness. I guess most of us here did this. I am still doing the same (unconsciously) although I now I will probably have it for the rest of my life (though there may be a cure in the future I do not live waiting for it).

So what choice do I have? I learned to give myself more time. To try to go through my day with some meaningful activities, even when every day seemed to last like an eternity.

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we are far superior in many ways than the rest of the human race for what we go through…fact…

Maybe it makes us more creative, but the symptoms of the disease are so draining that it is hard to realize this creativity, and the med’s we have to take often kill our creativity. The price of creativity is high.

I think the best thing about having sz is you know who your real friends are, they don’t stigmatise you but stick by you.

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I really admire your inner strength @SunGirl
You are always so positive even after going through so much in your life.

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The opportunities it provides for personal growth.

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Thanks @Wave! I admire you too. You continue to go through a lot and stay strong. :sunny:

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I didn’t think there was anything, but it’s true that I see things differently (and it doesn’t affect my driving). Colors are extremely vivid and even inanimate objects are moving… I guess that’s kinda cool. And I have to say that my companion angel, even though he can be cruel at times, gives me strength when I’m nervous. I think people are staring at me, laughing at me and judging me when I walk through public places, but I feel my angels power right beside me.

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