What are the basics?

What do you consider to be the minimum or baseline level of functioning (aka, covering the “basics”) required before moving onto healthier and/or more productive activities?

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The very basics to me are: no garbage outside the garbage can, no rotting food, clean underwear every day, brush teeth every day, shower twice a week, bathroom does not stink. Even at my most depressed, I can force myself to stick to that.


Its different for everyone. For me its getting out of bed to play videogames 2x a week. I stay in bed all day everyday.


I’d say an ability to communicate (such as talking on the telephone), shopping, preparing meals, housekeeping, personal hygiene, using transportation, taking medication(s) and managing finances.


If I’m able to make myself do it, I do it. If not, I don’t blame myself for not being able to. So there’s no baseline level for me. If I feel worn out or stressed out from pushing myself too hard for too long, I decide to take some time to relax.


This, yes. Thank you.


Personally, good hygiene and keeping the apartment clean. But since I live on my own, own a car, work and take classes the basic responsibilities pile up.

So a basic thing is keeping my car clean and in good running order; that’s a must. Keeping food in the house, another must. Going to work clean and on time. Completing class assignments on time. These are the basics for me. Once I got those down pat I can occasionally cook a good meal, go to a drive thru restaurant in my car, relax on the couch in my living room, and sit here in the park and eat crackers in my car like I’m doing right this minute and as an added bonus for my health I’m going to take a walk.

Life is way more difficult and complicated than I’m making it sound but it’s a beautiful sunny day with a nice gentle breeze and I can’t worry about crap 24 hours a day so I’m going to take it easy for an hour or so. and sit on a bench and enjoy the peace and quiet.


For me the basics are showering,sleeping at night,change clothes every few days, eat and drink and brush teeth and take medication.

Clean home somewhat good enough so it doesn’t stink and get taken over by animals such as cockroaches.

And I have to care for my dog and horse too and pay for them etc and manage bills so they get paid.


All the above :smiley:

Start or keep hydrated. Give yourself a personal learning curve. And like Treebeard said, to allow time to relax.

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whoah there. tall order!

You’re actually my inspiration Nick lol.

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I clean my apartment, have tea and coffee, do laundry and groceries, sweep in mop, shower with soap, conditioner and shampoo and wear clean clothes every single day with deodorant, cologne, brush teeth, hair gel n cabby hat with aviators ---- stripey polos — movies in spare time :slightly_smiling_face:
I get compliments on my necklaces as well – I’m very stylin’

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