What are the alternatives to this antispcyhotic?

I am not talking about alternative medicine or herbal medicine. I mean proper medication prescribed by the consultants. I am seeing someone tomorrow about my unstable thoughts and feelings and I want to bring up other meds as options I don’t want to be on more antipsychotic if I can avoid it. I am not psychotic at all but I don’t feel like i’m in my senses some of the time. Can you believe I think I got scammed by someone claiming to be a past life healer and I was abotu to pay hundreds to some healer to heal me of my problems. bogus

Do you mean meds that substitue antipsychotics? There are none.
There are other antipsychotics you can ask to try if you’re not satisfied with Abilify.

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But I am not psychotic at all. I was just wondering if there is anything that can treat the stress alone.

You tried reducing the dose and you became unstable remember? I don’t think right now it’s the best time to go off your meds ish.

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I’m not planning to. I was just talking about an aditional med so I don’t have to up the antipsychotic.

Have you tried seroquel? To my knowledge this is an antipsychotic but it can also be used as a mood med.

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Maybe a benzo to deal with the anxiety, I don’t know.

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i take pregablin for anxiety and anxiety attacks if thats what you mean

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lets say it is a mood episode what are some of the better mood stabalisers that don’t cause weight gain as a side effect.

There are the benzodiazapines, but they are addictive and hard for some people to come off. I think if you take them responsibly they won’t hurt you. I was on Klonopin for a while, but my pdoc took me off them when I told him a gave a couple to this girl who was jonesing for heroin. He gradually decreased my dose until I came off them completely. I was kind of tense for a while, but I got over it.

ive been on that too. took it at the start of my very first episode but my consultant weaned me off because like you say its pretty addictive. but i think i might need it for now and will bring it up.

Like I say I don’t know if it is a mood issue that you are finding problematic - it was just an idea I had in regards to your case.

But in terms of seroquel I have heard it being used as a mood stabiliser and also as an anxiolytics. I added seroquel to my meds and it helped me keep stuff on a level plain.

My GP suspects it was the warning signs of it but she is not an expert and I’ll be seeing one tomorrow. And I guess I’'ll discuss options there and then but was just looking for some ideas. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I know what you mean @anon80629714, Im in the same boat as you.

I have not been experiencing pychosis, but my moods have been pretty unstable lately.

Instead of increasing the Risperdal (Antipsychotic) - I am going to ask my pdoc to add a Mood Stabilizer, so she does not have to increase the Antipsychotic.

I am going to ask for Tegretol, it is a tried and true Mood Stabilizer - Anti convulsant, it is weight Neutral usually, but it interferes with a lot of other meds - decreasing the strength of many other Antipsychotics.

You can ask for Lamictal, it is another weight Neutral Mood Stabilizer, usually good if you are more depressed.

Talk to your pdoc about the different options.

Adding a Benzo like Klonopin (what I take) or Ativan is sometimes used to control stress (Anxiety)


You can add lamotrigibe or Minocycline to your antipsychotic they both help