What are talents schizophrenia gave you?

Empathy for others. Compassion. Concern. Wise help.


I think it has made me much more empathetic towards people who are suffering. I know the struggle.


I can say almost anything with a total monotone and blank expression. It’s a great party trick :wink:


the ability not feel anything when someone close to me dies…

I have the ability to not feel anything when my loved ones die also. Is that a gift or a curse? I can also say almost anything with a total monotone and blank expression too. Is that a gift or a curse?

I’m good at repelling people, kinda like a natural bulit in ‘Deep Woods Off’ bug spray.

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A more intuitive mind

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I think that’s the best thing sz has done for me also. I’m able to feel empathy for anyone struggling.

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Does becoming high-functioning count?



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Not having emotions at ones passing is both. I am the same way and felt horrible guilt for not feeling sad when a loved one died. It’s a blessing that I bypassed grieving but the guilt led me back into doing drugs.

I lost so many good qualities by becoming schizophrenic. Only “talents” I got are ones that make me build a crazy narrative and act abnormal.

Flaming Paranoia is what sz gave me! Which is useful cos i trust no bugger now and dont get conned by people like i used to cos i dont trust them to start with!

I can sort of hallucinate on purpose. It turns music into a psychadelic experience when I’m happy. My thought-images pop up with great clarity as if they were detailed hallucinations. I can just think a picture and there it is… it’s incredible.

It’s not worth being tortured though. I’d give it up in a heartbeat in exchange for silencing the voices.

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