What are talents schizophrenia gave you?

How to develop some talent while low functioning? I am not interested seeking some goals they are boring

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Schizophrenia gave me the talent of being able to draw weird things. I love to doodle and draw, and even when I don’t set out to make it pretty or correct, it usually comes out interesting.

Don’t be afraid to make drawings that are for your eyes only. It’s a good way to experiment and improve, and it helps pass time.


My fascinating mind

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I hate drawing purposeless … I doesn’t make any sense I just put efforts and nothing happens … better work with a book only . To seek professional drawings course my drawings sucks

I want to develop talent in playing video game …

The suffering made me deeper.
The divine voices are a gift
that comes with the drawback of evil voices too


Unfortunately, talents just don’t appear when you need them. Most of them need some kind of goal or plan to develop.
we’ve talked about this before.


Wisdom from experiences

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Fk all talents I will grind them

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I will be celebrity gamer with cool unique style

I lost all my talents like math ability. I can barely brush my teeth anymore.

I used to be super high functioning. But I’m a nicer person now. That’s about it. More empathy and compassion.

My illness sometimes makes me think I have a superior memory of past lives and above average insight into the universe, but it’s just psychosis. It is a disabling part of my illness, which causes me to take meds. I thought about going impatient last night but I think I can wait till I see my doctor.


To see into men’s and women’s souls.

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May I ask at what age you’ve realise you had this gift?

I don’t believe in “ages”. I’m neutral about that.

Ok ok. I guess we were never young, we will never be old

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I think it has given me a talent in patience somehow. I have loads of patience. Maybe it is because I don’t do much. I constantly listen to my dad go on and on about things but I have patience.

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Pattern recognition. I have a keen eye for identifying patterns. On the downside, I get obsessed with the patterns.

creative writing - I’ve grown through + it grows through me.

Restlessness is what sz gave me

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To learn, think, and self develop/train ardently. To see the civilization phenomenon implicitly.

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