What are some things the voices say that scare you

i hear the voices say dont let it get away sometimes, it just messes my mind up. What are things the voices have said that made you afraid…


trigger warning horrible psychosis
The worst thing was just b4 I was going to ‘die,’ they are preserving my brain in this preservation liquid. So that I could suffer for eternity in deep psychosis.
I could smell the smell of the preservative liquid from my brain to my nose in the hospital. And it smelt horrific.

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I remember one shouted at me in a male voice that “it is all your fault!”. Certainly freaked me out. Thankfully I don’t really have any issue with voices anymore.

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what did you change that made them go away

Even when I saw monsters or ghosts I was never scared. I was once shown scenes of disgusting torture in a “vision” with accompanying verbal threats. Again, I was not exactly scared. Yet the disgusting unmentionable horror still makes me dwell on what I saw and sigh.

My voices only said funny things to me, they made me laugh ! I’m sorry you had to undergo scary things

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Mine used to tell me family members were dead

They threaten me all the time. I don’t like to be specific, because I don’t want to hear it.

Brendalyn, your avatar picture is really nice

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The next time there is a med shortage or one of my aps is on backlog I’ll tell you.

Voices told me I had HIV and that I would have a heart attack stuff like that! But my meds work pretty well it’s all background noise I don’t take them seriously now

Within the first couple of months of my psychosis, I went on a road trip with a guy. The voices kept telling me he was going to kill me. They were so loud at this point I was often talking to them out loud, I felt like I didn’t have any space in my head for my own thoughts. I could imagine how scared he was.

After at least an hour of this, I ended up kicking him out of my car, convinced I would be murdered if I didn’t, 6 hours from home. He was terrible at being a person in general, had a reputation for beating women, so I never have felt bad for this. Now it’s just funny. He ended up making his way back home a week later.

That they are going to replace me.

I hate the suicidal and homicidal voices from God the most. Like: Sacrifice your body to God or Take out that guy’s soul or its time to kill this guy (God commanding me).

My voices used to tell me i had every STD known to man, lol i got tested for everything expensive but brought me peace while i was learning the voices always lie and not to believe them

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