What are some supplements that help with psychosis

Just wondering if there is any supplements that might help with my paranoia other than therapy and meds

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None that I know of. Paranoia, delusions, etc. require medication. Sorry, but people who tell you a supplement will help with your psychosis are just giving you false hope.


I have found that it is very helpful to do the simple things. It may sound silly, but making sure you eat plenty of vegetables and fruit can really improve your general mood and help make other more serious problems easier to deal with. I have also found that eating salmon makes me feel pretty good too.

I am a recovering anorexic too, so I got really obsessed with nutrition something that I’ll definitely keep.

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That’s good, from everything I have read, it seems like proper nutrition can really help with almost all of the issues people face in these situations, and it has certainly worked well for me and other people I have spoken to.

No amount of eating right or taking supplements will stop psychosis alone. However, some supplements can work alongside antipsychotic medicine to treat negative symptoms. I take sarcosine, and it helps me with disorganized thinking and motivation struggles. L-theanine helps me with intrusive thoughts and anxiety, but not strongly. I believe both of these supplements are pinned topics at the top of the forum.


Caffeine can help with the negative symptoms too, but the catch is its a pro-psychotic(learned that the hard way). So I’m trying to find the perfect medium of caffeine.

I am a recovering anorexic as well. If you ever need anything I’m here. :hugs:. Oh, I could say recovered so don’t worry I don’t need someone to help me, but say recovering cuz who knows if that nasty could come back. Always, have to be prepared…

Truth. I’ve spent 25 years proving this to myself. Every time I go off meds I relapse into psychosis.


I haven’t been anorexic/bulimic in more than 20 years

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Great @loke that’s awesomeness

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