What are some simple things which are difficult for you

I for example,

  1. can not watch TV, other than documentaries. People acting makes me so uncomfortable! Rarely I watch a movie.
  2. Can not listen to some music certain times. Triggers grandiose, especially the cheesy love songs! ruin my day.
  3. Be relaxed. Coming here on the forum, helps me talk and socialize and spend time but unless I am on a sedating medication, I simply can not just lay on the sofa and rest like normal people do :confused: I do not even sit on the sofa unless I have a guest over :confused:

Not sure about others but I’ll add to the list.


Reading books. I just lack the focus for it.


Making a minor mistake. If I accidentally take a wrong turn while driving, or tell Mr. Star there are 5 minutes left on the timer when there are actually 5:30, I become overwhelmed with guilt and start shaking. I think, “how could I possibly do something so wrong? This is why nobody wants to be my friend! I’m a horrible monster who never does anything right!”



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I do, but my mind drifts off, same with books

I forget a lot of small things as well

Music most of the time just gets on my nerves

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Lol me too. Certain music. I used to love it, not sure why this happened. But I listen to light remixes without much lyrics.

@freakonaleash I really put a lot of effort into reading (online, emails, work) etc but I have not read a book in a very long time.

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do you mean lying or getting overwhelmed ?

Oh no, I never lie. I couldn’t imagine the suffocating guilt of telling a lie! It would be too much to bear.


Lying gives me a lot of guilt. I can’t lie even with simple things. I can’t give an excuse. I get a bit obsessed if I tell a lie. And sometimes I keep wondering obsessively: “Did I lie? Or did I not?”

edit: I’m now wondering if I lied here or not lol


I think most MI people can not lie. It is also much easier to be comfy with who you are.

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Why most MI people can not lie?

I think because it is already difficult trying to find reality, so who are we fooling? :joy:
During psychosis I do not even know if I am lying or not :joy:



When I’m psychotic, I can’t know if I’am lying as well.


I’m a liar.

(No, because if I am, then I’m lying, so I’m not a liar after all.)

But for real, I can’t plan things from start to finish.
Give me a project, and I’ll get so wrapped up in the details, that by the time the first deadline is due, the only thing I’ll have, is a stupid look on my face.


When I was sick, there was nothing I could do. I used to stay seated during all the day, trying to control my mind.

Now what I could say is that I cannot experience anymore pleasant emotions like love or joy. I cannot laugh.

Also, somehow, I cannot have friends despite I’m trying really hard since 4 years.

But I guess there is hope. There are a lot of things I couldn’t do before 2013 that I can do now.


Asking for help, asking strangers questions, ordering my own food are some of the big ones I find very hard


Phone calls…i hate not seeing the person i am talking to…may be because it reminds me of disembodied voices and i question therefore the reality of telephone calls.


Watching T.V. and movies.- Triggers delusions. And I can’t hear what they are saying due to me being hard of hearing anyway.

Making conversation in bars or lounges or restaurants or at parties.- I’m hard of hearing and I can’t hear what people are saying so I can’t participate in conversations.

Being in a group of people interacting- I get paranoid of one or several of the people in the group, making it hard for me to socially interact.

Taking daily showers- I struggle with motivation. This is very difficult for me so, I take one shower a week.

Doing housework- I struggle with motivation. This is very difficult for me so, I live in an assisted living facility where I let them do my housework once a month on average. They would do more, but, I don’t let them.

Weekly shopping- I struggle with motivation. This is very difficult for me, so, I order groceries and other necessities either by phone or online, almost exclusively.

Exercise- I struggle with motivation. This is very difficult for me so, I practice a gentle form of exercise known as gentle hatha yoga. Which is very relaxing and not taxing at all. I also practice keyboards as an exercise, which is also relaxing.


Taking showers. Taking one shower even.

Waiting patiently on the phone while a hold message plays over and over again.

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Going to bed and getting up in the morning, unless I have to do something for my children. Then I can get up at 6 am no problem.

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