What are some life changing decision you could have made but didn’t?

What are some life changing decisions/direction you could have made or take but didn’t in the end?What could have become for you if you had taken/made that decision/direction?

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I’ve had too much regret in life. If the universe gets damaged I hope it eventually fixes itself and is better for it. My Alter Ego has been trying to kill me because of bad decisions I’ve made in life for thirty years. Sadly, he is not over himself yet and still wants me dead. I split sometime after I got sza. My pdoc does not think I have dissociative identity disorder because he’s only taken over a couple of times and whenever I was black out drunk. It’s very disturbing to have such a bad guy in you. Maybe I am the bad guy. Sorry, I just had to tell someone. Like in the Halloween movies the Boogeyman never dies. Except I seem to resurrect him over and over. I love him.

At two different points in my life I had the choice of joining the military as an officer. I would have had a lot more financial security, and when I became sick I would have received a disability check. A military career might have reduced my life stress. If I was doing better, I could have advanced in rank. The down side is that I could have been in a war.
Another life decision was which college to go to. The one I went to had poor morality, and they overworked their students. I would have been better off at the public state college.

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A few of them.

Doing computer science instead of engineering at university. I would probably have got a degree and my life would have been quite different.

Staying with the “girl that got away”. Again my life would have been quite different.

But I guess when you get schizophrenia, all roads lead to the same place.

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I was decided for inter caste love marriage but failed due to SZ.


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