What are negative symptoms? And also a question about paranoia

What do they feel like? I can google but i want to hear your experiences. I cannot work out if I have any. I struggle from wanting to spend hours on something to not wanting to do it at all.

Also is feeling like people don’t like me when i am feeling off a sign of paranoia. When i am under extreme stress, i tend to feel like others are talking about me negatively although this turns out to be true. Because if I am acting crazy, why wouldn’t they.


Negative symptoms and depressive symptoms are often the same symptoms but have different causes.

With a sz or sza person, negative symptoms are caused by either sz or a med.

With a depressed, bipolar or often with a sza person, these symptoms are not called negative symptoms at all but are called depressive symptoms. These can be caused by either depression or a med.

Negative symptoms are comprised of:

Social withdrawal
Inability to act spontaneously
Decreased purpose
Disorganized speaking
Disorganized thinking
Flat affect
Monotone speech
Decreased gestures
Lack of eye contact
Physical inactivity


I think I lack motivation and have a flat effect.