What ap stopped working/relapsed on?

It was risperidone/Invega for me, how about you?

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I was on paliperidone but it didn’t do much for me.

There were 10 APs or more that stopped working

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For me it was fluphenazine i landed in the hosptial luckily they put me on perphenazine after


Risperdone work great for me, i felt happy and good. But it made gain like 60 pounds, made diabetic and high triglycerides.

I relapsed on Abilify, Olanzapine and Amilsulpride.

Abilify didnt do much for my positive symptoms…then my pdoc switched me on clozapine which worked great for positive symptoms for 7 years but then i developed alot of side effects on clozapine…now we are tapering clozapine and increasing amisulpride instead.

What you experienced on clozapine as side effects?

Severe treatment resistant ocd symptoms, which became worse since last year.

Other side effects were:
severe sedation and sleep
huge weight gain
bed wetting
high qtc interval on ecg test
myoclonic jerks

Olanzapine quit working.

Qutiapine 151511515151515151515

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Risperdone made me worse. I started sleepwalking and even wet myself during one episode. It caused too many side effects and declined my cognitive abilities. Invega helped for a bit but things still broke through.

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Did you notice also some kind akathisia and hand tremor on it?

Yes but not any tremors. Just really bad restless leg. I had to be moving moving moving and there was no relief until they prescribed me another med to combat it.

Zyprexa. I was half psychotic on Latuda.

I’m currently on Zyprexa. Also had a psychotic break on latuda.

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