What anxiety medication do u reccommend?

The busbar im taking for anxiety is not working.What stronger anti anxiety medication. What do u reccommend?

Is there something i can take that would wipe out my anxiety attacks?

Do you drink alcohol?

No i don’t drink…

Have you tried klonopin or Xanax?

ativan is short fast acting. Klonopin takes longer but stays in your system longer.

I guess people can really abuse them. I don’t find the effect that amazing to abuse benzos. Anyway I take klonopin. I feel like its psychological, but if I didn’t have it. I would probably have heart attacks with this stress.

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Thanks Smprz84,
Will ask bout the ativan and was taking the klonopin but taking busbar now.

I tried buspar and did nothing for me. But everyone’s different…

Might be taken off busbar, need a stronger prn. Although my family thinks i look better taking busbar, my eyes are brighter.

The one that has 4 legs and meows. Kitty kitty kitty

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This is off-label, and generally there are better options. But atenolol was a miracle worker for me - I originally was prescribed it for palpitations (usually prescribed for blood pressure) but stayed on it for anxiety. It’s been about 15 years and it’s lost a lot of its efficacy in the past 5 or so. If your anxiety is chronic, not just because of a med change or a temporary bad situation, it might be worth asking about. You have been having a really rough time for a while now.

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Thanks Rhubot,
will ask bout the atenolol.