What antipsychotic really do ?!

Do it has magic effect on the brain
It doesnt cure
!!! So what it do exactly
Does it accumlate stupidity in our minds
They seem to target me
They say 8 years r not enough on you
Conspiracy should be very big so that no one will believe you
They r not naiive voices
They seem to be real people who think and talk and do conspiracies
Where am i going to with these antipsychotics ???

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I agree with the sentiment. I think they don’t understand Sz very much. So the stuff they give us is more a hammer when we need a scalpel for our problems. Maybe someday.

They do supposedly work much better for most other kinds of psychotic disorders. But at least we’re not all permanently institutionalized like we would be 70 years ago.


That’s very true. I just hope things get better soon. I kind of need things to get better lol. And I think that is true of alot of people.

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John nash was treated by ect and insulin convulsive therapy it was horrible !!!


They can be very positive and useful whether you’re being stalked or it’s an illness. Give it a shot. There’s a ton of financial help for people with mental health conditions, so you might as well sign up. Good luck and may you find peace of mind.

I dont think dopamine antipsychotics are permanent solution, it’s just the best we have right now(as far as we know). Dopamine antagonists only treat one side of the illness and makes the other side worse

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