What am I supposed to do the rest of my life

I am asexual also. My “friend” is also asexual. And it’s due to both of our AP meds and also due to my religion. We are really more than just friends. We are very, very close. We spend weekends over at her house and we talk to each other on the phone constantly. We have decided that we can’t live together however, mostly because she is bipolar and she has very bad mood swings and is impossible to live with because of that.

I’d suggest volunteering. I volunteered for about 15 months and it eventually led to paid employment. Now my work shifts are the best part of my life and lift my mood, about the only thing that’s good for my mental health. Volunteer work would give your time structure & you some accountability & responsibility which may be useful motivations for you.

I’m not asexual but have no libido from lurasidone. So I don’t date. You’re not alone in being long term single - I’m in my mid-forties and have spent the vast majority of my life single. I’ve only ever had one serious bf and he emotionally abused me so it sucked.

I’m kinda the opposite of you with your anhedonia, I’ve got borderline PD so I have a tonne of emotions around people & form extremely strong & painful attachments to them, then a tumultuous friendship follows which frequently triggers my psychotic symptoms every time I get offended. It’s extremely lonely, so I understand your loneliness but mine stems from very different reasons.

I love hiking too & have hiked all my local trails 100 times. But I tend to always have a goal of a hike that’s further away, like up in the alpine area…somewhere far away that I can’t reach in a day trip. I’d have to drive, then stay overnight at a hostel (or whatever accommodation), then drive some more to get there. It;d be a 2-3 day trip with all the driving & then the actual hiking. So I’d suggest exploring the wilderness further & challenging yourself - either make your known hikes more strenuous (for example, I hike a very steep, strenuous hike x3 times in a row to get a massive cardio workout, whereas I used to just hike it once) or travel further to access new & unknown hikes & terrain. Get out of your comfort zone.

BTW I think 28 is very young - you’ve still got good health & good joints so can push your body further in the wilderness.

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Well, you don’t have to make any instant decisions about your future right away, you have lots of time to plan and figure out what you want to do. A lot can change in 40 years both good and bad. You can sit down and figure out goals.

Maybe you can work with a therapist and maybe she can help you find your strengths and weaknesses and figure out what you could be good at. I mean you have schizophrenia but you still have choices and options. Unfortunately change can often be difficult and involves taking risks but there is such a thing as calculated risks.

A calculated risk is attempting to do something or change something in your life that you already know you have a good chance at succeeding at. Attempting to do something where the odds are in your favor.

In my own life I have been lucky in many ways and I’ve worked too, and gone to school and lived independently and has some really good experiences. But there’s also the old truism, “You can make your own luck.” Change can take effort and hard work. I’m lucky I can work but I made my own luck and took risks by searching for jobs and putting in applications and doing OK in interviews. Many jobs I’ve had I really didn’t know if I could do them when I applied. But I tried anyways and were successful at some and unsuccessful at others.

I’m 58 now and I’m still working on a college degree. I’ve gone to college at certain periods. I first went to college in 1983 when I was living in supported housing with a few roommates. IDK, I had a job I was doing OK at, I lucked into living in a nice house and things were pretty calm and slow and I just thought I would give college a try so I drove to the closest college and applied and took some classes.

And did that for a couple of years. Now I’m finishing up college online; four classes to go! But I took risks to do these things, sometimes I failed at what I did. Sorry, didn’t mean to make this about me, I just use myself for an example a lot of times.

But I’m sure you have some talents and you have some kind of potential but things don’t always come to you, you have to go out looking for them and pursue them. Even small changes can make your life better or more fuller. I’m not saying it’s easy but they used to tell me, “Anything worth having in life takes effort and work.”

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I know its possible for autistic people. It took me a long time to find love but i finally did a few years ago. However, it only lasted for three months because of my asexuality.To have autism, schizo, and be asexual all at the same time is like the nail in the coffin. Even i finally do meet someone again and theyre ok with me being autistic, im still gonna be asexual and thats probably gonna be a deal breaker. I wish i could just be one thing like aspergers instead of multiple comorbidities.

you sound like you live in a mountainous area. You probably have a lot of hiking options. I live in indiana so not as much but at least its southern indiana which is hillier than northern/central. up north the hiking options were really bad. I do like to hike in colorado from time to time although havent been there in a bout two years.

Asexuality isn’t a disability. You just have to date other asexuals. As a fun note, many asexuals are also autistic. You can look on ace-book.net if you want to. It’s an asexual dating site. There aren’t many people on it, but there’s enough.

I am also asexual and my partner is autistic.

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I’m asexual and autistic, though mild. Im currently seeing someone. It’s possible! Im also 27

no I don’t live in a mountainous area. I’m Australian. Australia is one vast, flat, ancient continent. Lotsa desert, lots a flat land. Very few mountain ranges or rock formations.

You sound like you’re looking for excuses to get out of your comfort zone and, like @Happy_H said, shoot everything down here.

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