What am I supposed to do the rest of my life

I’m 28. I can’t have a relationship because I’m asexual. The doctors will only prescribe me anti depressants for asexuality. They have no effect. This means I’ll never get married or have children. All I do is wake up , work, and sit at library reading books.if I live to be 70, I still have 40 years left. What am I gonna do for next 40 effin years!?:slightly_smiling_face::poop::poop::cry::disappointed_relieved::rage:

I’m 75 and still wondering what I"ll do with the rest of my life. We’ll do what we are capable of doing. For you that might mean studies and/or work for now.


You may be asexual, but you can still have friendships in your life. You can have family, even if it’s by choice family, and have a fulfilling life


I wonder what I’m going to do with the rest of my life too.

I can’t really have friendships because I have no desire to. I have social anhedonia. I had a best friend but I stopped seeing him because I don’t like hanging out with other people. The boredome in my life is extreme.

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Develop hobbies. Better yourself intellectually. Explore and find out what you enjoy. Practice and get really good at something. Boredom can be overcome.

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Ive had hobbies for past 28 years. I like hiking. I’ve already hiked every trail in a hundred miles radius a thousand times. I like kayaking. I’ve already kayaked every lake and river around here. And that’s all I do is read pubmed articles about neurobiology every day. It gets old.


I agree with @Happy_H. Get new bobbies to keep you interested.

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That’s absolutely wonderful that you’ve done all of that!!

The thought of going my entire life without a lover/ partner makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Only a small percentage of humans go their entire life without love. It’s spooky :ghost:. Reality becomes hell

I’ve kayaked ten miles before. It is fun, but there’s only so much kayaking I can do.


Wow!! I couldn’t imagine.

are u on any Aps?

I’m asexual, and I’m married with a kid. My husband is also asexual, and our child is a foster child we are in the process of adopting.

If you want a relationship, you can have one. Sex is important to a lot of people, but not to everyone.

It’s not just sex. I’m also Asperger’s so very blunt emotions and awkward. I only get a woman to go out with me once every few years( after asking hundreds of women). I’m so lonely ive even dated men even tho I’m not gay and was disgusted by the sexual contact.

No. I had psychosis over ten years ago. No current psychosis just negatives.

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It’s really hard to help when you shoot everything down, hon. I don’t know what you’re looking for. How can we help?

My husband is autistic. Love is possible.

He told me he had gone on over 60 dates, none of which led to a second date until me. I was his first real partner.

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