What am i suppose to do about teen

the mother in law’s niece is throwing fits about not wanting to eat lunch or come downstairs after making a mess upstairs under the bed. she has ODD. bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies which according to my doctor no diagnosis like that exist and the doctor just may have been pressured to give a diagnosis for the SSI paperwork.
i don’t know, i just know my mother in law expects me to be able to talk to her but i can’t i have enough crap to deal with my own problems

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ODD is really difficult.

You can’t make someone with ODD do anything.

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vote with your feet. simply dont go up there.

How old is she? where is her mother (who should be dealing with this!)

did you invite her over and accept responsiblity for her?

you need to be careful when dealing with kids. Disapline is not your responsibilty at all.
What if the mom gets mad you said anything to the kid? or the kid makes allegations of being hit?

I would not touch that with a ten foot pole.

them: “can you go talk to her and make her clean that up!??”

me: "sure thing! no problem. just let me grab my magic good behavior fairy dust."
me: - smiles at them, walks out door. hang around at corner store eating nachos and slurpee for an hour -

They will figure it out.

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My best advice for dealing with someone with ODD is never put yourself in a position where you are the enemy/authority. Or it’s going to be a fight. Don’t go there. You can’t win.

If it was me, I’d say hey, come and eat, we’d like to eat with you. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but the food is at the table. As far as the mess, it depends. Is it a health hazard?

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