What am I seeing?

I’m looking at the folks in my ken with a new vision:

It looks like several I know are sufffering from depression, but maybe what they are really suffering is demoralization?

It makes a big difference in how I try to be helpful to such folks.



I went through a period of sever demoralization. I still have a bit of it now. There was so many years I wasn’t part of “society” that it was really hard to get back into it.

Lost of hope, loss of confidence and loss of morale, all hit me. I felt I was so far below everyone, because I was told I was, that I never tried for anything. I didn’t try for recovery because what would be the point… I probably couldn’t do it anyway. If I did, was I even worth it? A homeless beggar like me.

When I was trying to get off the streets, I wasn’t just getting out of a financial pickle, I was trying to break free from a mindset, a lack of self esteem and confidence and I was breaking out of a culture.

Jayster, it give me hope in the world that there is someone out there who’s willing to give a hand.
Thank you for that.