What am I? Fun Game

yeah but do you know ‘what i am?’

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I am what I am.

What are you ?


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Are you a platypus?

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According to the Internet energy can’t be alive. This is puzzling


Are you God? 1515

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Does it have schizophrenia? That would narrow it down to 2% of the population.

You rang?..………

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sorry but its a no on all of these counts

@anon90843118 there are lots of different kinds of energy, this type happens to be alive

now that is a very big clue, its actually very simple

I don’t find that clue very helpful :thinking:

Can you give us one more clue?

there are lots of different types of energy in the world, what is alive and gives you energy?

if i give anymore away it will be too easy

now you’ve had 2 clues, you only get one turn left now so make it a good one :slight_smile:

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i’ll give you another clue, ‘It is Yellow’

The Sun???151515

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In these games, can’t you ask whatever question you want, not just yes or no questions?

I thought light but it’s not alive

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Oh yeah I didn’t realize that he said alive.

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Is it a virus?151515

Nope sorry none of those,

@anon98459728 ask what you like but i can only answer yes or no, you get 3 tries

i have answered yes to 2 questions, it is alive and it is an energy source, the clues so far are it gives you energy and it is yellow.

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Wisp? 1515151515

idk what that is but no


Sunlight? 1515151615151